We Offer

Siripharma Labs provides a full range of preclinical contract research services for:

  • PK, PD, and customized disease models
  • (Oncology, metabolic and inflammatory diseases)
  • Consulting, study design, protocol preparation, data reporting, and report generation
Siripharma Labs
Siripharma Labs


  • Small molecules admixed in the animal chow
  • Small molecules in suspensions for PO administration
  • Small molecules as solutions for IP, SC, and IV administrations
  • Biologics as solutions for IP, SC, and IV administrations


We are building our research on:

  • Creation of target-driven PK/PD disease models
  • Drug-resistant tumor models

PK Models

  • All PK parameters using an established and validated method will be provided
  • PO, IP, SC, and IV administrations

Target Establishment

  • PK/PD models in customized disease models
  • Mechanism-based PK/PD models

Tolerability and Early
Toxicity Studies

  • Necropsy with pathologist's reports
  • Single and repeated dose rat/mouse studies with 14 day observation period
  • In life observations (body weight, water, and food consumption, and clinical observations)

Pharmacology Models

  • Oncology/tumor models
  • Inflammatory disease models
  • Metabolic disease models